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skirts of marilyn monroe new public art on the mag mile. wgn news @ 9 tonight trees down and power is still out 32 hours hot sticky hours accounted for more 300,000 com ed customers most live on the north shore where electricity will not be fully restored until saturday. live in hard hit evanston tonight >> good evening from the south to the far north suburbs so many neighborhoods somewhere in between lots of places monday's a fierce storm continues to plague people tonight simply
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waiting to get power back. at the latest from com ed 267,000 customers are still without power at this hour most of them to the north. in the city itself about 35,000 customers without electricity and the good news, 612,000 people have had power restored numbers that appear to be improving by the hour. >> most frustrating i was at work calling my neighbor and they said yes they have power. i thought maybe maybe i have power >> she can't help but the answer is no. two days without electricity planet for a third. nobody was injured when rain and record wind it the metro area of chicago on monday. locals are almost laughing at camp and opened power will be restored by mondathe morning.
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>> we had a gift cards from the holiday so a nice time to spend them >> far north suburban waukegan situation more serious worst damage found an apartment complex as president's struggle to make sense out of the chaos want family had health concerns to consider >> one of the boys we could stay at the house trying to find a generator could not find one >> late in the day chicago made land and out of lemons treated to free soccer match internet id intermit that the generators to provide electricity, biggest problem of electronics >> the video board system electricity thinks the jumbo tron and other side of the building things are turning on
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some assault not used to be and ought so all lot of adjustments we need to figure out what is working and what is not working to go for it >> one cooling center in evanston locals found the perfect place to cool off, the ice rink. about 4500 residents and all are made without power right now it could take several days to restore fully in the town of and instead the city has established several cooling centers like this one behind me. >> it is one of the first fatalities coming to light in the wake of monday fast-moving storm 72 year-old daniel toro of chicago died this afternoon at mount sinai hospital after a large tree branch fell onto his car while in the vehicle happened in the 3300 block of west ogden, behind a wife and six children and 10 grandchildren. police in river
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forest holding two men questioning of lange shooting death of a woman from chicago 29 year-old chevron alexander killed shot several times a parking lot next to dominican university's campus, police stopped a gray chevrolet impala that matched a description took the two men into custody and also recovered a gun inside the vehicle. those who knew chevron alexander had nothing but praise saying she wanted to get into law enforcement or become an attorney. former mayor richard daley will be read about you did this summer to see if he really needs it, the word from the current mayor rahm emmanuel and police superintendent been very careful to make the best use of chicagos men and women in uniform. >> just like it was yesterday >> a 54 year old question that may soon have an answer, who killed his friend and neighbor maria ridulph?
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just seven years old >> we will move on state attorney says looking for to a suspect being returned to the area for a 1957 cold case murder so he can personally prosecute the suspect sean lewis reports from sycamore people who sycamoremaria ridulph spent the past 54 years if it could have been prevented >> from member like it was yesterday >> 854 year old question for jim mcmillin that may soon have an answer answermaria ridulph just seven years old when kidnapped outside of her home in sycamore december 1957 while playing with another girl. body found four months later jim lives in the same house that
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mariette and her friend kathy can't do that day asking him if he wanted to come out and play by his mother said no >> have you ever thought the last 54 years what if i had went outside with them? >> yes yes a lot of times i wonder if it would have been different if i had jointed could have done something beyond just seven years old it is difficult but i certainly would not have let anybody harm her >> for the first time today county prosecutors talked in general terms about the case and a man now charged with the murder of ridulph >> we are confident confidentmr. mccullough killed maria ridulph jack daniel mccullough former police officer did in the same sycamore neighborhood when i abducted at the time known differently though he was questioned by police that he was
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released because of an alibi one that reportedly fell apart after a 2008 tipped to state police illinois >> the alibi i can say i felt strong enough about the evidence indicates that i stood before a circuit judge in the county and asked when an arrest warrant on a case that occurred in 1957. >> he was identified from looking at photographs in 2010, rolling through your mind, why did not look at the photos in 1957? >> because jack daniel mccullough is fighting extradition from seattle could take awhile >> entertainer r. kelly not paid mortgage in more than a year now the grammy award winning singer facing $2.9 billion foreclosure lawsuits r. kelly had the home
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built 11 years ago has not lived in more than a year and stopped paying the mortgage in an effort to get the bank to negotiate a modification of the loan, r. kelly and j.p. morgan chase declined to comment >> former mayor richard daley will be reevaluated about the security detail to see if necessary the word today from the current mayor, and will police superintendent going trying to make the best use of chicagos men and women in uniform >>superintendent garry mccarthy talking today had to get accommodations to outstanding chicago cops and speaking to the press for the first time since news broke that top officials are losing their protection >> what is relevant we are taking every single police officer pecan and returning them to doing police duties on the street >> what that means is not minor more than $650,000 savings for
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taxpayers. superintended himself already getting by with smaller security, so is the mayor in a statement friday night police asked city officials for attacks but did city protection requirements, less or not powerful alderman ed burke who has maintained a four bodyguard detail since the council wars of the 1980's >> i believe this is the right arrangements with the city and for an ad for the taxpayers and i believe >> detail for city treasurer will also be reduced cook county state attorney loses her police and guards also all together but former mayor richard daly does not >> the former mayor is a significant public official there have been incidents in the past and for that reason we would rather be safe than sorry >> also rather hear it less in the press about official security mccarthy says he is
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amazed at how much attention that has been getting what he says the real story is the 700 cops and total be reassigned to the fight against crime, how many he is willing to commit to any one official personal protection is according to the superintendent frankly nobody's business >> to release what security we are providing to somebody is putting information in the hands of people we did not want to have >> that your emmanuel told reporters today that the former mayor's security team was always meant to be transitional as for alderman ed burke the four police officers assigned to protect him will be replaced by two retired officers >> spirit airlines under fire in local church group upset with the discount airline and happened to get a baseball fan nearly falls from the stands at the home run derby. and a summer breeze is about to sweep through chicago, tom skilling has details of a nice cool down coming up.
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before the trip they find out baggage fees may keep them from going talking to the teenagers as they plead with a major airline to give them a break >> a trip to the kids take every year normally take a boss to get to the destination because it going all of the way to california they thought it would fly out the cheap tickets but as you said for got the hidden fees >they sound great they look great they are ready except for one small thing >> $6,000 >> that is how much the white house church of all nations needs to send 100 kids in the youth choir to los angeles to minister and others use already raised 22,000 to purchase plane tickets to about one year to do they thought they were ready but then they catch >> the unexpected, extra budget of having to pay for baggage
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>> i was shocked all my goodness >> i believe they said we do not meet the standards for luggage and they get requests and we did not measure up >> spirit airlines now for peace on baggage not willing to wait to the added charge a call from churches senior pastor did not work leaving the teenagers scrambling to find cash >> many of the kids come from underprivileged homes and right now we are as a church body trying to decide what to do is there in next that >> now what do you do? >> pray, we pray and to see what we can work out do more fund- raisers to do what you got to do but we need to get them that people are expecting and they are expected to be there is unfair >> we did put a call to spirit airlines to be fair to it that it was late in the afternoon we did not hear back in the end up
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to the airline whether or not they want to comp the baggage fees some airlines have a policy others do not the trip is two weeks away and the kids are hoping something will come through we will let you know the latest live and alsip >> coming up first lady passed at present gathering for a final farewell to betty ford and the debt deadline looming how close reaching a deal to stave off economic disaster. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat.
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a national tribute today for former first lady betty ford eulogized at an episcopal church in palm desert california, how she is being remembered >> and betty ford began her journey this afternoon to her final resting place ford family gathered at palm desert california joined by united states dignitaries and friends. >> we celebrate her life we rejoice in the goodness and how she lived it to the fullest >> eulogized by) rosalynn carter and other former first lady >> someone willing to do things differently than done before someone who had the courage and grace to fight your stigma and prejudice wherever she encountered it >> former president george w. bush a lot but first lady michelle obama former first lady
9:20 pm
nancy reagan and secretary of state hillary clinton also in attendance. clinton said ford will be remembered for opening to the public about her struggles with alcohol abuse and breast cancer. >> our commitment to speaking out two issues before she took them on were just not discussed. made a huge difference in the lives of americans. >> betty ford died at the age of 93 years old on friday legacy lives on following today's national tribute service remains to be fun to michigan to a private funeral. it buried thursday next to her husband who passed away in 2006 at the gerald ford museum in grand rapids. >> afghan president joakim noah half brother assassinated earlier today hamid karzai,
9:21 pm
ahmed wali karzai found shot after meeting with officials killed by his own bodyguards died with a shoot-out with other guards lived in chicago karzai all-day restaurant in his native country karzai and pledged a power broker who faced and strongly denied allegations he was involved in afghanistan's drug trade >> with the debt ceiling deadline looming both sides digging in no one willing to budge top senate republican mitch mcconnell pitching his own plan a complicated proposal that would give the president authority to request a debt limit increase without requiring spending cuts but comes with the attached three politically tough votes before the 2012 election. if lawmakers voted against the increase is the president would be forced to veto the measure making him the bad guy for the new debt democrats fired back at the republican rhetoric >> protected millionaires and
9:22 pm
cut medicare benefits instead this approach is not valid. it is not fair. it is not moral and it will not be accepted. >> in contrast to mcconnell supplant top senate democrat harry be floating his own backup plan that would be at least in part reduce the debt by more than a trillion dollars without requiring any tax increases or any cuts to entitlements. risked his life to save a fellow soldier tonight and afghanistan war veteran becomes all the second living soldier to receive the military's highest honor a super sized marilyn monroe comes to michigan avenue coming up first look before her famous pose is finished. and partnered with a rise in its search for best gospel voice in america your turn to vote see if you could get your favorites on the tort
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courageous young soldier highest military honor president obama presented the medal of honor to sgt leroy petry save the lives of two fellow army rangers after shot in the lead in afghanistan grabbed a grenade that landed nearby to throw it back at the enemy the grenade exploded destroying his right hand. >> to be singled out is very humbling. i consider every one of our men and women in uniform serving here and abroad to be our heroes were ever you have a chance or opportunity to thank them shake their hand to give them a pat on the back for the job they have done because they have earned it >> leroy petry all the second living recipient of the medal of honor from the wars fromiraq afghanistan. >> final time to american shuttle astronauts suited up and
9:26 pm
left the international space station, astronauts michael fossum and ronald garan floated freely in space to recover a broken pump and carry out experiments the six and a half hour spacewalk started before 8:00 a.m. our time expected to return to earth july 21st. some of the stories in tomorrows chicago tribune: a look at fly in communities in the chicago area where people have homes and small engine planes communities have grown in popularity the past 60 years lifestyle is appealing not just airline pilots living a lifestyle these days talk about green jobs saving our economy but what is a green job? what do they pay? an answer tomorrow. some say nothing like a cold beer on a hot day beer cocktail? mixologist dublin in a new kind of brew, thirst quenching
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recipes in tomorrows caribbean >> coming up a break from the heat much needed for people without power and a break from storms tom skilling forecast is next.
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wgn news @ 9 changing in up for tomorrow rest for the air conditioner a
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>> coolest weather in three weeks, again first time in the last 18 days that we did not have and 80 degree temperature around chicago >> four people who do not have air-conditioning the power situation if you do like hot weather in a real hot spell taking shape carrying into next week in midsummer heat wave seems to be taking shape days away we have two lovely days come again rain around the area today. davenport office national weather service squall line went through the area at guest today of around eight arrived hours earlier producing survey teams 110-130 mi. per hour straight line wind incredible damage destructive and far reaching wind in east central and central iowa in 13 years the hot dog is
9:31 pm
collapsing for the time being 102 degree high-temperature downstate and around st. louis the same cool air push bernanke to believe downstate but look at the violent weather that has erupted tonight downstate. the transition to cooler weather taking off cloud tops to 60,000 ft. with 2.5 in. or more rain or flooding reported. much needed relief from heat heat index is as high as 120 degrees with low due points. they still spend up to shower tonight up to midnight we move to time starting the day with the showers in the southern suburbs but a northeast wind straddling the length of the lake clearing skies up suppressing the key to south word. thermometer readings today near st. louis 105 degrees near
9:32 pm
littlerock the air mass got into chicago, tonight at 71 degrees at minneapolis and the measure of moisture only in the '50s dew point back to the '70s over the weekend but here is the air coming and expect to the northeast wind blowing dropping temperatures during the afternoon but the drop in ratings already across the midwest picking up tonight all the 8 mi. per hour now blowing double digits tomorrow putting 2-3 ft. waves at the lake, humidity at 71 percent tonight high values of mold spores grass pollen tonight 70 with wind and
9:33 pm
strengthening from the northeast at o'hare 74 degrees at midway beautiful view of the clouds come to get to geneva tonight rainshowers made it across iowa into our area today. big storms on the other hand downstate and looked at some of the temperatures. current readings down in missouri highs of around 107 degrees of round lake misery. you can't imagine how grateful those will be in which shift on the way. this will be the first 980 degree day, 30 degrees cooler than today this week that the heat in the area, we want to show you that a beautiful ridge of high pressure in northeast wind coming in at sunny skies. there is right there a whole collection wind blowing clockwise the origin of a northeast wind expecting
9:34 pm
tomorrow also threats of bit rain to stop the bus as you can see. the jet stream which has fostered these fast-moving powerful winter produce and thunderstorms bad thing it to the northwest. later in the week as the heat starts to return flooding up to the planes they may return on thursday night or friday bringing us thunderstorms. into saturday but as the hot belem expands dome expands severe weather west of us tomorrow and the day after this where the storm action will be looked at the temperatures what they will do a great extent night drop to the '60s and rise only to the low 70's tomorrow mid '70s and led to the beaches may stay in the upper 60s tomorrow, high temperatures back to 87th is that the beaches on thursday it well into the '80s on friday and the big 90's back over the
9:35 pm
weekend we will spend more time on the key to come again of the update. fortnight more clouded as perhaps a shower or to possibly cooler winds strengthened during the night temperatures 63 northeast wind or by the morning. 7-18 mi. per hour. breezy cooler less humidity gorgeous day. one of the dry lovely not polluted air masses with excellent visibility at the rise and over lake michigan no hayes or gust. low temperatures 62 degrees with clear skies tomorrow night and son followed by increasing clouds on thursday. a high of 81 degrees with mid-70s. we will get hot over the weekend carrying well into next week i will show you the 10 day computer depiction of the key to come in and later on >> netflix trending on twitter
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in chicago tonight not in a good way the company announced via email changing rate structure causing 60% fee hikes for netflix subscribers, renting during on light streaming and physical dvds, you have the option of getting either way but currently starting september 1st street will be its own plan has customers outraged. protest and on the internet threatening to cancel so far no response from netflix, will you change plan because of the rate increase? text yes of no to 97999 or vote also got fighting cancer differently medical watch men and women taking the battle with substantially different outcomes and battlefield wish come true one marine talked into being his date with a little
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now that's kmart smart! wgn news @ 9 you have to care very much alive and well just ask him rumors started circulating on the internet that he died. wrote on his twitter account reverse of my death are as mark twain observed a similar situation greatly exaggerated i am very much alive to prove he is alive at it next to his new girlfriend and that he has a big smile on his face >> now that we cleared that up, hollywood screen plant story of a marine sergeant and a movie star >> hey mila sgt moore you can call me scott want to invite you
9:45 pm
to the marine corps ball in north carolina with yours truly take a second to think about it and get back to me that the that was sergeant scott more acerbic in afghanistan making a plea to actress mila kunis she posted the year to the video he agreed to the date after her friends with benefits co-star in a movie justin timberlake encouraged her to accept the invitation, art and art in north carolina at the burdine corps ball happy ending that way it >> hoping it works out >> absolutely, we were looking at 90 degrees we have four of them predicted at the end of the seven day forecast turned out the average summer about five consecutive '90s and that is interesting quite a hot spell, and not tomorrow big storms bring down state and thunderstorms there as well
9:46 pm
light showers on the north side of the system. 23 states orange and red on our map last night depicting a seat advisory only 11 such states as we put the heat back to the south and west of the monsoon keeps thunderstorm watch is going montana and flash flood watches in the rockies currents temperatures st. louis as high at 102 degrees. looking northwest, that is where the weather comes from looking at the 10 day depiction we are going to see this thing blossom hot air don't into a huge hot air dumb in fact we were counting on computer models 34 states in the '90s by early next week the hot air don't sitting there up to thursday it still looking, across the country. of course the wild card in the heat spells as we learned last friday is thunderstorm outflows if you get thunderstorms they
9:47 pm
can mess up high temperature forecasts looking out like hot enough in the atmosphere after the best clubs possibly friday and saturday part of those days to warm or thunderstorms sunday and monday we will see if that continues to work out but temperatures in going from 74 tomorrow the first not a degree day to 81 degrees on thursday and of the didies saturday and it through monday of next week quite a warm spell on the way for sure we will track progress in the days ahead >> pop art has popped up on that mission avenue of marilyn monroe larger-than-life the starlit logic that like sculpture itself far famous legs are installed statue finished on friday and it needs time to letting tourists as you can see in tonight's chicago tribune photos of the day: more photos
9:48 pm
on the website, two
9:49 pm
fans at the all-star game home run derby but over the bridge chasing balls keith carmickle standing on a table at chase field in arizona trying to snag day prince fielder home run that blew his friend and brother grabbed his arm and leg able to pull him up batters later another fan found a softer landing adrian gonzalez drove a ball into the outfield pool where a fan caught it as he fell into his glove beer kept above water also added to that last week where somebody died falling. they are putting all in all state agreed that that is, why 12,000 people watching chicago sky in rosemont tamara and the blackhawks capt. hometown hero welcome sports is next.
9:50 pm
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order of importance and you love to gulf >> but yes i do like a lot of people golf capt. during summer vacation wants to get on the course first tee players cup tournament that benefits children's rehabilitation hospital. an official event canadian pga tour, the over stanley cup visit last summer in the way of returning a favor. >> to be able to throw and event like this put my name to it and by some friends it is a huge honor and opportunity for me to do something so hopefully this is not the of the year we will do this want to keep growing >> less important golf news the british open starts thursday five straight majors without an american winner might not bother
9:54 pm
you but it bothers the american players what chance will they have this week at royal say george's? got on favorite in the betting houses over there is rory mcelroy who destroyed the field in the united states open last month has not played and a bad sense that will be carrying the weight of the empire on his shoulders this week. >> expectations will be high it very high expectations of myself equally high expectations of the public the way my life seems to be going golf is the ec called is easy to get away inside the ropes at $5 to yourself by that that is why i love to get on the golf course and really feel refreshed looking for to getting out there at the plant again in has been three weeks and feels as if i am pretty much ready to go. >> maybe not fair to make rory mcelroy the favorite with luka donald and the rest of the world's greatest players ready to track him down, donald the
9:55 pm
former northwestern star who still lives in chicago still number one and a worldwide the scottish open last weekend ready to make their run at his first major championship >> secondly my confidence is very high i just came off of when and last week and a great season so far made my way to the top of the world ranking so everything is going as planned, what is left is trying to contend and win a major hopefully this year will be special something i will try to do. >> and the chicago sky working out today in anticipation of the biggest crowd in history tomorrow when it also comes to town in this camp day at allstate arena hoping for at least 12,000 fans on a quiet sports day with no baseball in town and record of 6-7 the sky could use a shot of adrenaline they hope to get it tomorrow. >> if not we are dead come on we
9:56 pm
need shrieking and kids at the plant justin bieber a lot of kids a lot of kids and noicese but on the good end the crowd will get us going are looking forward >> stage 10 of the tour de france today nobody got hit by a car or anything into cycling for a change of flat-out sprint to the finish before former teammates, the two germans battling about one by a wheel the first stage what ever french bread continues to read the yellow leader jersey and timber wolves officially fire kurt rambis joakim noah will play for france in the european championships and the ny red bulls 4-0 over us open cup quarterfinals , spokane indians and vancouver canadians infielder dot and with everybody
9:57 pm
poured out bench clearing brawl then serious pretty fast or players ejected. then it went right back to the game. did not see that very often. aaa yesterday and the all star game nl leading the al 5-1 in the 8th inning. >> that is tuesday night we are happy you shared time with us have a good night. beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not going back there again. good for you! how'd you do it? eating right, whole grain. whole grain? whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't...
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multigrain cheerios has five whole grains and 110 lightly sweetened calories per serving... more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios. boy, i'm glad we got aflac huh. aflac! oh, i've just got major
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